Diego Krivochen. Language, Computation, and Dynamical Systems

Srdečně zveme kolegy, studenty a příznivce lingvistiky na přednášku Diega Krivochena (University of Reading) s názvem Language, Computation, and Dynamical Systems.
Přednáška se koná ve čtrvtek 07. 12. 2017 o 15.00 v učebně KC 1.07. na Křížkovského 14. Zárověn je možné domluvit si s Diegem Krivochenem konzultace kdykoliv ve dnech od 05.12. do 09.12.
Abstrakt přednášky: The focus of this talk is the nature of cognitive computation, and the relation between computation, linguistic theory, and dynamical systems. We will review traditional notions of computation and analyse their applicability to natural language, distinguishing it from formal languages as usually studied in Computer Science.
The main theoretical result of the thesis is that imposing a single computational template for the assignment of structural descriptions to natural language sentences is not only empirically inadequate, but also theoretically more costly than assuming a strongly cyclic approach in which computational dependencies vary, oscillating up and down the Chomsky Hierarchy of formal grammars. The idea that the grammar assigns substrings the simplest possible structural description that captures semantic dependencies between syntactic objects will be referred to as mixed computation. The analysis of theories of computation will reveal that the theory of computable functions must not be identified with the theory of effective computation, and we will argue for the necessity to introduce aspects of interaction in the study of physically realized computational procedures, which configure dynamical systems of a very specific kind: those defined by the irreconcilable tension between opposing requirements.

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